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How can BULK SMS help your Business/Company?

Bulk SMS helps businesses to send timely reminders to your clients. Do efficient and cheap digital marketing to boost sales. An interesting list on the possibilities and potentials BULK SMS can serve for your business in Dumar-Kachhar, or elsewhere can be found below:-

  1. Send SMS reminders – In this fast-moving world, it is quite possible that your client might forget their appointments. A gentle reminder by your company enforces positive trust towards your company.

  2. SMS marketing increases your profit – By directly marketing your product without any middle-men you can substantially increase your profit. Additionally, SMS marketing is cheaper and faster compared to other mediums of advertising.

  3. Send regular greetings SMS – By sending regular greeting SMS to your customer you keep your important customers in the loop and make them feel important.

  4. Send important SMS alerts beforehand – Your customer service is important and needs to be efficient. People will always appreciate any maintenance or downtime alert beforehand since they are helpful and prevent misunderstandings.

  5. Low Cost With High Returns - As compare to other forms of marketing channels like television advertising, newspaper advertising, outdoor advertising or other such forms of advertising SMS services are cheaper and can reach a wider demographic. SMS solutions are low budget marketing option with high ROI, for all business type whether it is small, medium or large.


PingSMS Dashboard is simple and easy to use. Any user with little to no technical skills can easily send SMS using our application. We built PingSMS keeping in mind that technology should be simple and accessible to every single user. Rest assured, should you face any problem with our application we are always there to help you. Feel free to reach us here.

How BULK SMS Transforms the Industry Sector

SMS marketing has a plethora of advantages. Some Bulk SMS Solutions offered by PingSMS to some of the major industries in and around Dumar-Kachhar are :-

  1. Stock industry –Bulk SMS can be sent to the traders/investors notifying them regularly about trading tips, stock market highs and lows in realtime, etc.

  2. Hotel industry –SMS marketing is invaluable since customers can be made aware of the current deals and discounts. Table reservation alerts, restaurant location, today's menu, feedback of customers, etc can be achieved through BULK SMS.

  3. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry –There are many marketing strategies FMCG or CPG industries can use to target their customers and let them know about the product or offer. One of the cheapest methods with high return value is using BULK SMS solutions. Companies can then send regular alerts about new product or service, provide realtime product delivery status, and thus develop a good relationship with the customers.

  4. Healthcare industry –Reminders can be sent to clients regarding appointments; health tips alert, medical reports, and awareness about blood donation camps with the help of a variety of SMS solutions.

  5. Automobile industry –Alerts in the form of BULK SMS can be sent to customers for timely payment of their car/ bike/ truck or any automobile (vehicle) instalments or servicing of vehicle or renewing their vehicle insurance.

  6. Agricultural industry –Farmers / Officials can get periodic weather reports and alerts, crop-specific information, realtime market prices alert, humidity and temperature alert, pesticides and fertilizers alert, drought alerts, market demand and supply alert.

  7. Education industry –Important and urgent information can be sent to guardians regarding parents-teachers-meet, student's regular attendance report, declaration of results and other notices can be sent as SMS Alert. Schools and coaching institutes can also send bulk SMS to the potential students regarding the and availability of admission forms.

  8. Entertainment industry –Utilising entertainment industry would be an adequate option for most of the marketers. Through bulk SMS service, people can be informed about upcoming movies, movie of the week, and other entertainment news and gossips.

  9. Travel industry –The travel industry can take the benefit of BULK SMS by sending SMS regarding airfares, festival discounts, hot travel destinations, etc. Itinerary and relevant details can be sent to both driver and client about their schedule for the day.


PingSMS team is always there to help you. Our email ( support@pingsms.in ) and telephonic and WhatsApp (+91 70056 29504) support details can be found attached. Our primary focus is to provide best quality product and support towards our user. We also provide remote desktop support and tutorial for our clients should they ever need it.


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